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The Crown Casino Melbourne

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Crown Casino Melbourne is not only a gambling place – it is a huge resort for full relaxation and thrill. The Crown Casino is an offline casino, established in 1993 as a part of the Crown Melbourne Resort. Located in the huge resort complex, it is open to visitors 24/7 and offers players the experience of an old-classy casino.

In addition to classical games, you can enjoy eTables with Crown Casino pokies online and virtual dealers. Explore all the opportunities at Crown Casino, from the promotional system to the selection of entertainment. Also, let’s precisely discuss the promotional system, and how it works for casino players.

Crown Casino Desktop

Crown Casino Melbourne Deposit Methods

To start gambling at Melbourne Crown Casino, all guests must deposit their accounts. The rules there are quite strict to ensure your safety. To fund the account, you should visit Crown Casino in person and agree to all the casino rules. Also, Crown only accepts payments made with your personal debit bank card, with your name and identity document.

The following payment methods are NOT accepted:

  • credit cards
  • digital wallets
  • online transactions
  • cards with any other owner except for you

There is no minimum or maximum limit, and the transaction speed depends on your bank only. Such rules are provided to maintain safety and the highest status of the gambling institution.

Crown Casino Withdrawal

Recently, the Australian government introduced new rules for online and offline casinos. They also imply to the Crown Melbourne. According to them, the maximum withdrawal limit per 24 hours is $1,000.

As for withdrawal methods, you can cash out on the same bank card that was used for depositing. The timing depends on your bank only – the casino itself makes all procedures instantly.

Payment Methods

Processing time
Minimum deposit

Crown Casino Licenses and Regulations

The casino has operated since 1993 and has a fully legitimate status. Since offline casinos are legal in Australia, it works under the regulations of the Responsible Gaming Code in Australia. Currently, the casino’s license stays active until 2050, so there is no need to worry about its status. Gambling here is legal, safe, and protected by the government. Crown Casino Melbourne's address is 8 Whiteman St, Southbank.

The casino’s full name is Crown Melbourne Limited (ABN 46 006 973 262) with the numbers being its official license number.

Crown Casino License

Crown Casino Software Technologies

In addition to dealer games, you can try eTables with automated and semi-automated games. The Crown Casino uses Wallflower Dynamic Digital Signage Software there. It is a top Australian game provider. The games are fully random and operate with safety. Also, be sure of the exciting experience with amazing graphics.

Crown Casino Review of Security Measures

The Crown offers a safe atmosphere and protection for its customers. On the territory of the casino, you can find a help center called PlaySafe. It works 24/7 and provides support for responsible gaming. If you feel any signs of risky behavior, the staff is here to help.

As for the game process, eTables are completely safe and work based on randomizing technology. Be sure everything works as a clock’s mechanism!

Software Providers

Crown Casino App

There is no special Crown Casino mobile app. But you can download a top-notch application from the Crown Resort. The program is available in the App Store for IOS and Google Play for Android devices.

Within the app, you can make reservations at restaurants, book chambers, and discover all the opportunities and services of the resort. Crown Casino online is not an exception – see everything you need to know about in the app.

To download the app, visit the Crown’s resort official site and open the “Application” tab. You can also find it directly in the App Store and Google Play.

Crown Casino Mobile


Located in Australia, the casino staff speaks English, and many other international languages to accommodate all the possible guests.


Crown Casino Melbourne supports only Australian dollars. However, there are currency exchange offices on the territory of the resort. You should exchange the currency before visiting the casino.



Where is the casino located?


Can I access Crown Casino online?


How to deposit and withdraw money?


Are there any withdrawal limitations?


Can I use Crown Casino no deposit bonus?


Is Crown Casino open Melbourne?


The support team is always on the territory to help you with any possible issues. You can also contact the team remotely. For this, use one of the following ways:

  • phone number: 1800 801 098
  • email: cps@crownmelbourne.com.au

The offline help center is located in the Crown Resort, on the level B1 below the food court.

Crown Casino Support

Crown Casino Games

The games here are divided into two sections – offline ones and the Tables with digital games like Crown Casino online pokies.

Table Games

As for the classical dealer games, you can find 12 genres.

  1. Baccarat. At Crown Casino Melbourne, you can try 3 subgenres – Traditional Baccarat, Crown Baccarat, and 2 to 1 Baccarat. Your objective is to place a wager on the hand that totals nine or comes closest to nine. Options include placing a bet on the player, banker, or a tie. Formerly known as “the Game of the Kings”, this game is truly luxurious, especially when played offline. Imagine – a table in the comfy lounge, a personal dealer, and a company of people ready to have fun. Of course, do not forget about the chance to earn some cash!
  2. The Big Wheel. Fast, simple, and fun, The Big Wheel features a wheel divided into sections, each represented by a symbol. With odds ranging from even money to 47 to 1, the aim is to bet on the symbol you believe will be lucky on the next spin. In fact, it is the most simple and plain game, yet no less exciting. You don’t need any skills to participate, only luck! Place the stake and just wait for the result. With a fancy and bright design, this game is a perfect choice for relaxation.
  3. Blackjack. Beat the dealer by collecting cards with a total point of 21 or more – but not more than the dealer's cards. A Blackjack occurs when your first two cards are an Ace and a card with a value of ten.
  4. Caribbean Stud. Based on five-card stud poker, Caribbean Stud Poker is played with a single deck of 52 cards. The game is made more exciting with the chance to win a Progressive Jackpot payout. It is a variation of a poker game with more difficult rules. You need to think strategically, track the other player’s actions, and be attentive. This game helps not only to relax but to refresh your mind after a long week.
  5. Casino War. One card is dealt to each player and the dealer. If your card has a higher value than the dealer, you win. In case of a tie, you can choose to 'Go to War' and try to beat the dealer with a second card.
  6. Mississippi Stud (A Poker-Based Casino Game). It is another variation of poker to form the best combination of 5 cards. Nothing special, but this title is extremely popular in Australia.
  7. Pai Gow. Pai Gow, with its red and white dots, offers an exciting variation of the traditional game. Explore Bonanza Pai Gow, which includes additional betting options: the Bonus bet and the Tie bet.
  8. Poker. With a wide range of Poker variations, enjoy the social and dynamic nature of poker. Poker Tournaments are scheduled every Wednesday at 7.15 pm and Sunday at 12.15 pm. So, if you plan the competition with other players and want to show your skills to the audience, you are welcome! Come at the selected time, participate with the best, and win the jackpot with intuition and luck!
  9. Roulette. A fast-paced and exciting game, Roulette offers various betting options. Place your chip on a number, or combination, or choose from options like red or black, odd or even, and high or low numbers.
  10. Sic Bo. Sic Bo, known by different names worldwide, is a captivating dice game. From Shanghai to Melbourne, experience the thrill of this game known as the “Treasure of the Dice.” If you are tired of classical European and American casino games, try Sic Bo. It is an Asian-themed genre.
  11. Three Card Poker. A variation of Poker using a single deck of 52 cards, Three Card Poker offers three ways to play. Aim for a higher Poker hand than the dealer, a hand of a Pair or better, or any combination of the two.
  12. Ultimate Texas Holdem. Based on Texas Holdem Poker, Ultimate Texas Holdem allows you to play heads-up against the dealer. With a shared board and an extra wager, the game features a Progressive Jackpot, giving you a chance to share in over $50,000.

Also, you can find rules for all of the listed games on the casino website. The casino subsite provides PDF files with detailed rules explanations, and even videos of the gameplay.

As for fairness and safety, you may rest assured – the casino follows all the norms. The dealers control the gaming process and prevent any possible cases of fraud. Both eTables and classical table games are completely random and fair. With the official registration in Australia, the Crown must create friendly and fair gaming conditions.

Fully-Automated Games

These machines work independently just like Crown online casino games, and don’t need a dealer. To play them, you must deposit money separately from the main account. The games include:

  • Roulette
  • Virtual Roulette Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Lucky Big Wheel
  • Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Big 3 Six
  • Casino War

These eTables work like simple slot or casino machines, with a virtual screen, panel, and terminal. Each title has its own rules, including the wagering requirement, maximum jackpot, and minimum stakes. The rules are available on the official website – download the PDF to read them. In fact, the regulations are similar to classical casino games and online gambling platforms.

Semi-Automated Games

The choice of semi-automated tables is a little smaller:

  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Sic Bo
  • Lucky Sic Bo variation

Using these machines, you need to use physical cards and other elements, but the dealer is replaced with the machine. It doesn’t feel like Crown Casino Melbourne online game – rather a classic game with automated elements. To participate, you also need to make a separate deposit.

The game rules are described on the official website – you can even download a document with all the limitations, rules, and definitions. Be sure that the gaming process at the casino is clear and that all the rules are explained in advance. With its high status and official regulations, Crown Casino offers only fair machines.

Crown Melbourne Casino Promotions

The Crown resort has a reward system, applicable to all the resort elements – hotel rooms, casino, and restaurants. To participate, you only need to spend money and play casino games. The bonus program is divided into 5 levels, each with more privileges.

How Does the Point System Work?

Playing at the casino, you receive points for each winning, deposit, and stake. The same thing works with booking hotels and restaurants:

  • 500 casino points give 1 Status Credit
  • 1,500 lifestyle points (hotel, restaurant, spa, shops, and events) give 1 Status Credit

Collecting the status credit, you receive higher and higher levels.

Member Tier: Special Hotels Near Crown Casino Melbourne (1 Status Credit - 4 Status Credits)

The basic membership, it gives plenty of options for the resort and casino visitors:

  1. Enjoy the luxury of 24-hour free multi-level parking.
  2. Celebrate your special day with the Birthday Offer. The resort offers complimentary sparkling wine and chocolates.
  3. Take part in exclusive promotions. The members gain access to special casino promos, unavailable to other people.
  4. Personal support. Access personalized assistance with our dedicated Member Hotline.
  5. Restaurants discounts. Take advantage of exclusive Member pricing and offers at selected restaurants, where culinary delights await to tantalize your taste buds.

This program is easy to achieve but already gives a lot of perks. There are no special accesses or offerings, but you’ll receive a comfy parking lot, rooms with a good view, and some exclusive discounts.

Silver Tier: Discount for Restaurants and Buffet in Melbourne Crown Casino (5 Status Credits)

To receive a silver tier, you have to be an active casino member. For that, you receive even more:

  1. Premium rooms. Immerse yourself in luxury with access to the Riverside Room.
  2. Special parking lots. Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour complimentary multi-level parking.
  3. Birthday gift. Celebrate your special day with our Birthday Offer, featuring complimentary sparkling wine and chocolates.
  4. Restaurants offer. Delight your palate with exclusive Member pricing and offers at selected restaurants.
  5. Spa offer. Indulge in relaxation with a 10% discount at Crown Spa and hotels.

Despite the resort doesn’t offer monetary bonuses, such a promotion is a good perk to organize a dream weekend. You can book special rooms with extra conditions and receive discounts at restaurants.

Gold Tier (20 Status Credits)

The array of bonuses awaits members with a golden tier. Earn status credit playing casino games and enjoy the following:

  1. Luxury rooms. You will gain access to both the Teak Room and Riverside Room.
  2. Exclusive parking. Enjoy the utmost convenience with complimentary multi-level and basement parking.
  3. Birthday gift. On Birthdays, you receive complimentary sparkling wine and chocolates.
  4. More restaurant discounts. Take advantage of exclusive Member pricing and offers at selected Crown Casino Melbourne restaurants, where culinary excellence awaits.
  5. Spa discount. Pamper yourself with a generous 15% discount at Crown Spa and hotels.

The program is similar to the silver tier, but the discounts and the number of offers are better.

Platinum tier (85 Status credits)

Be an even more active player and visitor, and through time, you can unlock the exclusive platinum program:

  1. Exclusive rooms. Feel the luxurious atmosphere – you get access to the most luxurious rooms. Members also receive a personal host.
  2. Parking places. Experience the convenience with complimentary valet parking at the Mahogany Room valet entrance and basement parking.
  3. Birthday. Complimentary sparkling wine and chocolates await you on the special day.
  4. Individual pricing. Pricing at restaurants differs from other members, allowing you to try more options.
  5. Spa day. Pamper yourself with an exclusive 20% discount at Crown Spa and hotels.

The platinum level is somehow the highest possible tier – the next one is only available through personal invitation.

Black Tier (Individual Invite)

Finally, the Black tier is available only for the invited members. But if you are lucky enough to receive it, enjoy the super opportunities. The program of the black tier isn’t revealed to the general public. It combines all the features of silver, gold, and platinum card, but gives even higher discounts and invitations to special events.

Crown Casino Advantages

Crown Resort has the largest casino complex in Australia. It is a world-famous casino, inviting players from all over the world. In addition to the opportunity to hit the jackpot, you can enjoy the luxury atmosphere. Unlike usual online casinos, Crown offers the outstanding atmosphere and vibes of the classical lounges.

Also, the institution keeps up with time. The real-dealer games are extended with eTables, where you can try slot machines and Crown Casino Melbourne online games. For that, you will need to make a separate deposit.

Why is there no online Crown casino? The issue is, such a thing is restricted by the Australian government. Despite you can download the Crown application, there is no opportunity to gamble online. However, it adds even more excitement for offline gaming – plan the weekend and spend your spare time at the luxury lounge, enjoying casino games and restaurants.

Another advantage is the top-tier location. Despite there being no online platform, the casino offers amazing offline space. And do not forget about the bonus – the resort has an award system with 5 levels. Play at the casino, deposit, and earn points, and you’ll be able to spend them on the spa, resort opportunities, and exclusive chambers.


  • reward program
  • hotel, spa, and casino under one roof
  • perfect location in Melbourne
  • classic casino games
  • eTables with digital casino games
  • atmosphere of the old-fashioned casino
  • dress code and strict policy for full relaxation and a fancy atmosphere


  • no online platform
  • strict deposit and withdrawal rules